Word of the Week-Quietude: Notes From the Rejection Front

by survivorscribe

My poetry has been labeled. Well, one of my poems has been labeled. Read the following comment from my most recent rejection:

It falls in the vein of what some might label \”school of quietude\”.

In some instances, as I mentioned in a previous post, having a personal note means something good, means that there was maybe a possibility that the poem or poems might have been chosen. This, however, is not one of those cases. How do I know? Well, “school of quietude” translates roughly, or not so roughly, from stuffy academic speak into plain English as “boring.” A simple “no, thank you” might have been easier to swallow. The other comments ranged from constructive, which I gratefully appreciated, to bordering on patronizing.

So, it hurt a little, but what I learned after reading the comments and going back to the site is that my poems really weren’t a good fit, and I’ll take the constructive criticism and use it when I look at the poems again, which I will do. I should have read that disconnect better, but that’s okay. 

I don’t hold it against them for not accepting the poems. They were right not to accept them, and they may be doing me a service by telling me one or all of them are a boring.  I could rehash the ongoing argument of whether poetry should be accessible or not, but each side has its opinions, and it really doesn’t help to keep jabbing back and forth. Highbrow venom passed as constructive remarks, however, is a different story.

Back to the drawing board.

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