How words can heal

Today I’m sitting in the big recliner. For the better part of the last four days I’ve been brooding about this or that, feeling sorry for myself,  I guess. There are a few nasty things going on in my life, which will probably turn out okay. All that was topped off by a nasty letter about me someone sent to our newspaper, a letter that will be published this week in print and on the web. That’s the glamorous life of a writer for you. People are free to complain to your boss in a most public forum. That’s the nature of the biz, so I should be used to it by now. I just think this letter was the bright shining maraschino cherry on top of a big pile of poo poo (to keep it PG) disguised as chocolate fudge cake.

So, brooding was how I felt  until I read my blog friend Linda Cassidy Lewis’s recent post “My perfect day…and then some.” All of my troubles melted away as I followed her imaginative and detailed journey of what she would call a perfect day. I think anyone would call it a perfect day and reading it was like doing yoga for the mind, so I couldn’t help sharing it with anyone who happens on my blog. Here’s to having the perfect day–for real or imagined. Perhaps, I’ll take a page from my friend Linda’s book and try this writing exercise in a future post. Thanks Linda.

Funky Gunnison
This was taken at Gunnison National Park in 2008. It kind of makes me feel how Linda’s post made me feel, so I figured it fit as a visual for this post.

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6 thoughts on “How words can heal

  1. Linda

    Oh, do try it, Cristina. It was refreshing to imagine and to write. Since I write realistic fiction, usually about people with deep-seated emotional problems, I think this no-holds-barred fantasy exercise is something I should engage in regularly.

  2. Wishy

    Thank you for the link and the inspiring message today! I needed it!

    And I’m so sorry to hear of your less-than-perfect day. But here’s to dreams of perfect ones!

    You are a tremendous writer, an encouraging friend and a wonderful person. The world is warmer and all our days are further on the path toward perfect because you are in it!


  3. survivorscribe Post author

    You are welcome Linda. I’m sure I’ll do the exercise, but your perfect days is still more relaxing and beautiful than anything I could ever come up with:)

  4. cynthia

    So sorry about the nasty things, but at least you can write about it on your blog. And you found something on the internet to make you feel better–Linda’s lovely day.


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