Taking a look back

It’s Christmas morning. I’m hangin’ with my family. The dog is sleeping. She loves to visit grandma and grandpa because grandma feeds her scraps and grandpa takes her for long walks. It’s pretty out here where they live. There’s a pond and the snow is falling. Everything in the house is decorated so nicely. For all the hectic preparation, it’s good to just finally be here on Christmas Day and relaxing a bit. I do miss my kids, who are with their other family today.

This morning, I’m thinking over the year. My  friend Linda mentioned in her blog that she was taking stock of her writing year and as I read her blog, I knew I’d do the same. It’s been a good year. I had two anthologies come out with my writings in them. In March, Cup of Comfort for a Better World was released with my story “The Power of Pebble” in it, and just this November I received my copy of Sweet Lemons 2: International Writings With a Sicilian Accent, which includes three of my poems. Both publications were exciting. I had a book signing at Border’s Books in Canton for Cup of Comfort. For Sweet Lemons 2, the excitement is in being published alongside fellow Italian-American and Italian-Canadian writers, especially those I’ve read and admired for years.

This year, I finished rewrites of my novel. At least I think I have. Do we every really know when these projects are done?  I’ve had about 13 rejections so far. That’s not even a drop in the bucket in this business. I’ll keep plugging away until I find just the right home for it. The accomplishment is that it is completed, which leaves a bit of time now for new projects. I’m gearing myself up for that.

I am constantly at work on my poetry chapbook The Art of Capturing a Waterfall on Film. The revision of my poem, “Lost in Translation,” which was presented in a really rough form right here on this blog sometime last year, has me thinking of the word “patience.” I’ve begun revising more poems or snapshots in words, as I call them, that will perhaps make it a full collection.

There are also the short stories that I am constantly working on and the seeds of new novels that pop up here and there. There’s also the original novel, To Dance on Ivory, that I had started many moons ago. I’ve always intended to go back to and probably will soon.

I’ve made small steps toward building my freelance business as well. I designed my business. This year, I started writing for Simply Hers magazine, a regional publication for women, and I’ve been teaching writing classes with Community Arts of Tecumseh and will be teaching more in 2011. Martha, Jean and Laura, the three women who built the organization and keep it going, are just wonderful advocates for the arts in Tecumseh and in general.

Looking back, it’s been more than a good year and just writing this is giving me momentum to move into 2011 with new writing goals. Those include building my freelance business, submitting more work and really giving time to the revision process. It can be done. I feel good about the coming year. I feel good about the possibilities.

Happy Holidays to all!

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2 thoughts on “Taking a look back

  1. Linda Cassidy Lewis

    To me, it sounds like you had a very productive year, Cristina. I wish you even more success this next year.

    Yes, 13 rejections is nothing in today’s market. Sad.

    “Snapshots in words” is an excellent description of poetry. Getting down the bones of two poems is about the only writing I accomplished in December. I expect to get back to normal by mid-January and hope I’ll have some publications to list for 2011.

    1. survivorscribe Post author

      Yes, it’s been a productive year. I’m really going for focus on making this year the most productive.

      December is a difficult month to get anything done outside of holiday shopping and all that stuff.

      Also, Thanks for getting me thinking on the past year. It really helped to take stock of all that went on.


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