This eve

by survivorscribe

It is the eve where characters come out of all sorts–ghosts, goblins, vampires, love struck protagonists, evil antagonists. Yup, it is the eve before National Novel Writing Month. Who knew this mostly solitary activity of writing a novel could be such a party? I am diving in tomorrow. This will be my first crack at NaNoWriMo. I spent so many years working on the first novel that I didn’t feel ready to kick off something else, and my Novembers of past were always pretty crazy. This time things feel a little more manageable, and I have a wonderful group for encouragement. I also have my Momwriters for encouragement.

Perhaps nothing will come of it, but it will get me focused on a new project and hold me accountable in a way. It’s a no pressure party. At the kick-off party, there definitely was a buzz of excitement. Well, I’ll be checking in regularly throughout the month. Really, I will.

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