Artist’s Statement

I see words as representative of the moments we experience. That is why each word must be deliberate and wild at the same time. I am reminded of the IMG_3558process of beadweaving using freeform peyote stitch. While each bead is chosen deliberately for its color and sparkle, there is no real formal pattern to the piece. Yet, the end result is something whole and unique. That is how I approach the act of writing. I was influenced early on by my mother, a visual artist, who turned every activity, whether it was carving pumpkins or decorating Easter eggs, into an opportunity to make art. In so doing, those moments are palpable and memorable. My father, too, taught me the beauty of visual subtlety through his crisp, powerful photographs and the power of a good story through the many wonderfully humorous and rich stories he told me throughout my life. Because of both of them, I continue to move toward a life that is wholly creative. I continue to see the worlds and images I create as solid and real. I have been privileged to work with many wonderful writers on my journey. The list includes, but is not limited to, Laura Kasischke, Crystal Wilkinson, Rachel Harper, Betsy Cox, Jeanie Thompson, and Jody Lisberger. I hope to work with more. The journey is not over, merely beginning.