Basics How to Become a Hacker Up So Professional

For those of you who just know the internet virtual world have probably heard the term hacker, but you do not understand what exactly is meant by the term hacker. When translated into the Indonesian, hacker means people who do hacking (hacking), in other words, hackers were able to break through, analyze and make modifications to a computer network system, so many people assume that the hacker is an expert programming that is not only able to analyze a website but also know the weak side of the website.

Basics How to Become a Hacker Up So Professional

Well, for those of you who dream of becoming a hacker, then here are some ways to be a hacker for beginners who need to learn.

How to Become a Hacker Pro
1. Code Programming
The first thing you need to learn is the programming language in coded form. There are quite many types of programming languages to learn if you want to be a hacker, such as HTML, PHP, Javascript, and so forth. You need to understand the programming languages, ranging from the structure of the code to the functions on the programming source code. To learn about things like that, it helps you diligently read various references, especially on the Internet (you can visit the sites to learn more about these codes).

2. Software
When you have to understand the programming code, then the next you need to explore the science that deals with software (software) so that you are able to find a gap and was able to give a solution and fix any problems that arise. Examples of software you need to learn such as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD and others.

3. In the Network Computer Systems
In addition to programming code and software, you also need to learn about the network in the computer system. It is useful so that you can perform setup and configuration of a network with more ease. There are a variety of network protocols you need to learn such as IP / TCP, FTPs, HTTPs and many others.

4 Studying Every Computer Hardware
Learn about computer hardware is also very important because when the hardware in the computer trouble we can fix it yourself without having to handyman service. Cooking yes already a professional hacker but a little problematic computer immediately taken to a handyman service, I become not funny!

Largely self-taught or without a teacher is difficult and if not accompanied by a very strong willingness then to become a professional hacker will fail. So that the spirit becomes stronger hacker then you can watch a film about the life of a hacker, there are many films that tell about the hacker one of which is the Who Am I, Mr. Robot, cybergeddon, and many more, you can search on google.

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