Change motivation

Change motivation

We are very mistaken, when a pre-season goals it is expected to use the results of labor okkar.Léttast summer … So good number is needed only in the summer? So after graduation, can you relax? Our subconscious reads this promise svo.Og it will be svo.Með winter body kicks back gain weight, lose muscle elasticity of the skin – smooth … And hello, megillah – will have to start over.


To avoid this, take a little taste … I want to deceive me.I promise me to lose weight for haustið.Það appears, why? And then not only not to relax á.Autumn boasts beautiful image will not work – but then pending and Christmas with potential business wear a new dress, and women’s Day with compliments from men, and it has no time to look back – and here it is, all the same summer! Agrees to keep fit throughout the year is much easier than to return to it in anticipation of the next bathing árstíð.En this I’m still checking.


change the menu

Now, after two months in my “marathon harmony,” I sympathize with women who lose weight by sumarið.Þeir was much heavier than I nú.Gefðu up your favorite foods in the depths of winter and early spring, when you want warmth, comfort and vitamins – current violence sig.Ég manage to avoid it.


My breakfast – half a cup of sour milk (for satiety), a handful of fresh strawberries or raspberries (to taste) and a few teaspoons bran (health) .Kvöldmatur my – lean meat or fish and light soup with grænmeti.Kvöldmatur my – salad grænmeti.Snakk my – fruits and ber.Og still – vatnið.Fullt of pure water per day (bye, so-called “slag”, and rejoice, kidneys).


And you know what? All this – delicious! There – enough! In the summer the organism easily restructured to facilitate diet and give up bad habits winter it will be very simple.There is not desirable evening tea with sweet cakes – better prepared lemonade drink with his own (nothing fancy: water, lemon, mint and honey) .It is not drawn to fried potatoes and bacon fat – better skhrumkayu fresh cucumbers and radishes zakushu safaríkur.Það is no need to spend time in time for unnecessary snacks – better go out and take a walk again.

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