Change route

Change route

Speaking walks … even when walking, but in summer? I went to do it as actively as possible er.Breyta usual route: weekdays from home early and go two or three stops on fæti.Alltaf whenever possible, I forget about transport : the shop to friends, go home fæti.Ég goes out into the garden, forest, exotic street – and go on fæti.Stefnulaust.Dagur be at least five miles, and sometimes it turns ten and fimmtán.Gæti I done winter? Maybe, but definitely fun was getting smaller – and therefore would refuse this idea before.


way, measure the distance traveled is helping me a special device – sports bracelet (Mark did not write in order to avoid accusations of advertising, but if you want Ramadhan you can easily find options on the Internet) .Sömu accessories counting amar calories burned. Thanks to him, for example, I learned that for over an hour walking rapidly lose about 200 calories – and it is a good bowl of soup or small numbers köku.Þetta is perfectly stimulates go further …


Change mode

Walking seems to me a little – you also need to run.In the run – this sort of thing … It tightens and prompts to install færslur.Þegar I first came to the track in June, seemed to me to air my – two kilometers (a “Girly “I could hardly distance overcome classes school sports) .After only two months, not too often, but regularly – two or three times a week – training, I effortlessly I run five kílómetra.Og this is minus 500 calories in one!


One day a week I opted for siglingar.Beautiful sport – not only strengthens the muscles, but also the taugakerfið.Og at the same time motivated to keep you in shape, because a lot of swimwear can not hide. Keep fighting to get your ideal body!


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