Combined minimalist interior painting

Cat as a coloring element of a room becomes noteworthy. Because the dye is an important factor that could create the impression of a room. Pagar Besi Tempa The differences in the color impression of the room may also affect the function and size of the room itself. Moreover, if the application was applied to the minimalist house which incidentally Terlau size is not large. Minimalist interior paintings often combine several colors in a room, although it is possible to use a single color.


Mengkombinasikan Cat Interior Rumah Minimalis
A touch of yellow brings a fresh impression on the living room
A touch of yellow brings a fresh impression on the living room
Interior Paint Color Idea minimalist
Yes minimalist interior paint color actually has a meaning and function of each to be applied to a room. Pagar Minimalis It is based on the uncomfortable impression gained by those who are in the house. Actually there are no specific guidelines for you to paint a room, but there are times when the use of certain colors make you excited and the other colors that make you want to relax.
White is the most popular color for minimalist interior
The following tips for selecting color could be your reference to determine the color of the inside of your home.
White is used usually to give the impression of a room
Gray is generally used for obtaining a neutral atmosphere in a room
Green is usually used to get a comfortable atmosphere in a room
Yellow is generally used to give the impression of a cheerful in a room
The chocolate is usually used for an atmosphere of warmth
Black is usually used to give a strong impression of a room
Blue is generally used to give the impression of peace in a room
Purple is usually used to get comfort and luxury
Pink is usually used to get an impression of soft and pretty
Gold typically used to get an impression of prosperity
Tosca is suitable for soothing blues in the bathroom
Cat combination of minimalist interior
In determining the combination of minimalist interior paint, which should not be afraid to mix and match the color of the paint. But keep in mind is what exactly is the function of the room.

For example, a combination of soft colors to relax or lounge, a combination of pink and purple for the ladies room, and so on. In addition to the combination of light and dark colors or dark colors lighter colors can also cause a very strong impression of a minimalist.
a combination of green and white paint in a child’s room
For a minimalist interior paint application can use paint with bright colors on the walls and the use of dark colors on the mast or the corners of the room to the other and vice versa. This was done to expose the line of intersection of room and pillar in a minimalist house in accordance with the basic concepts of minimalist house itself. If you want your home look spacious living room, you can use white paint. Not to seem deserted, use brightly colored furniture to beautify the room.

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