confess that at first I thought it would be difficult

confess that at first I thought it would be difficult

confess that at first I thought it would be difficult to defend to train three or four nights in viku.Og actually it was … ómögulegt.Á summer nights, so many temptations distract from going to the gym! So I turn to tomorrow áætlun.Og I, inveterate owl as skyndilega.Skyndilega turns out that if you do not score the night stomach pasta nautically and dinner is easy, and recovery will auðvelt.A great workout tones workday.


Change budget money saved on sweets and bus tickets, I decide to spend the beauty salon – namely nudd.Frumu sit on me and so, thanks to the coffee Ramadhan scrub is not observed, but the rest of bonuses such procedures do not give up.S bonus, with the way, quite a lot: skin becomes smooth and elastic, the body comes to tone and tighten, as you learn to be patient and tolerate sársauka.Bara to grínast.Þótt some truth here, as expected, is sitting Massage – it is hurt in raun.En for the sake of beauty can be a little like patience björn.Sérstaklega aunt therapist rewards me wrap algae – also, they say, will be considered in the measurement of the waist …


change us

A measurement pristuplyu núna.Svo, two months project “Lose Weight with the fall” behind – it’s time to check if the way I fór.Scales point 57 kg – minus three from spring 61 kg.Tailors tape on hips together around 99 centimeters (spring was 103 cm) and waist – 66 cm (it was exactly 70 cm) .So all is not einskis.Þú can continue.


However, something tells me that on September 1, I will not stop – will also walk, run, swim … Well, unless that excess eating chocolate on a rainy autumn evening. Everything is hard for the first time, but when you try it, its will be not  as hard as you think before.

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