Design living room luxury minimalist

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After I gave Example 2 Floor Plan Houses Minimalist Modern and minimalist design Model Picture Gallery here I will give Example Design Luxury Family Room.

Family room or commonly called the living room is an important include the main part of the house. Nice living room design that will greatly affect your dwelling. The room is usually used for a gathering place for all family members and  planning bedroom vanity with storage.

According to some architects functions family room gives an important role known as the “living room is the heart of the house”, which means “House family room is the heart”. Can be termed the family room is the core area of ​​a house.

Open kitchen area made with dominance of wood materials in turn make the kitchen space still seem comfortable. The furnishings in blue and white looks supports the display room decor. On the other side of the room, there is a room that used to welcome guests in large quantities. The kitchen is made neutral, so it can be used for cooking as well as a welcome guest.

The unification of the kitchen and open designed living room, this room still looks beautiful because it plays a pattern and color to the room.

The kitchen and dining room can be seen directly from the living room. You also can cook while watching even though the distance is not near. This area is designed in such a way that your privacy is maintained.

With exotic home furnishings living room looks more beautiful. Distance living room close to the kitchen make the living room seem appealing. Wood decor in the living room is seen hogging the room.

The living room of this one seemed relaxed, you can cook simultaneously chat with your guests. This room is also placed on the long sofa that looks comfortable.

The living room looks great and classy, ​​although it is made close to the kitchen. Sofa thick wooden cabinet, making the two rooms elegant impression.

In the living room is large and bright impressed. The open side of the area, make this room seem more spacious. The living room is designed with a balcony that features views of the natural surroundings. The use of carpet with tribal motifs make this room did not seem monotonous.

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