Fasting For Health Benefits Heart, Eyes, Skin, And Stomach

The benefits run both obligatory fasting (Ramadan) and the Sunnah (Mondays and Thursdays) is not just nonsense with no real evidence. In terms of physical health, there are four organs or parts of the human body that have the benefit of fasting is real. Four important organs are the eyes, heart, skin, and stomach.

Fasting For Health Benefits Heart

Cardiac charge of pumping blood, the eyes as the senses of sight, skin as a sense of taste and stomach as the digestive organs. By fasting, the fourth organ can perform their respective duties to the fullest tips kesehatan. As a result, the health of the body will be preserved better after fasting in a certain period of time.

Health Benefits of Fasting For Organ

1. Fasting is good for the heart organ
Under normal conditions, the heart beats 80 times per minute and 115,200 times per day. At the beginning of fasting decrease the number of heartbeats in one minute is less than 60 times. This decline does affect the metabolism of blood in the body. But in the days that followed, 60 beats per minute throughout the day during the fasting has no effect or no effect at all on the human body.

So, what the benefits of heart rate decrease?

In one 24-hour day, save 28,800 heart beats which means rest time never acquired during a typical day. There are at least three heart health benefits of fasting:

Against the pressures are always experienced cardiac organ.
Provide an opportunity for the heart to rest.
Because fasting blood into a sterile, the heart will get a supply of fresh blood.

2. Fasting can sharpen the eye
Especially for people with low vision, fasting is useful to make the eyes sharper, clearer and clearer vision. According to research experts, people with vision problems will have increased enough sharpness segnifikan after fasting.

3. Benefits of fasting for healthy skin
According to Dr. Muhammad Al-Dzawahiri as professor of skin diseases at the University of Cairo: the relationship between food intake with skin diseases is very strong. When fasting, the water content in the body and the blood will decrease. So did the moisture content in the skin also experienced a reduction, the effect is an increase in skin immunity against all kinds of diseases.

Reduced water content is also beneficial to lower disease stage, inflamed skin, prevent the spread to other body parts.

Fasting efficacious make skin fresher, stronger, brighter and naturally radiant.