This He Food Matches currently Rainy Season

Food Matches currently Rainy Season closely related to efforts to keep the immune system so it does not get sick. Because the rainy season, the air is humid and cold and damp tend to be highly favored bacteria and viruses that cause disease. Call it the flu, diarrhea, or itching. Not to mention the rain also can be experienced at any time. So that the body needs vitamins and fulfillment of other nutrients such as prebiotics, fiber, selenium, amino acids and zinc. Consumption of food and drinks right will help fulfill these nutrients so as not to get sick when the rainy season arrives.

This He Food Matches currently Rainy Season

Here are some types of food Matches currently Rainy Season so that the immune system is maintained and does not get sick, among others:

1. Oats. These foods contain a special fiber that act as antioxidants and antimicrobials that can protect cell damage due to the instability of the molecules or microorganisms. This fiber is commonly known as beta-glucan. You can put it in the breakfast menu.

2. Yogurt. These foods contain healthy bacteria that are good for digestive health and keep the digestive tract of bacteria and germs that cause disease. Can be included at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or maybe when you want a snack.

3. Chicken Soup. You’re feeling cold, flu, runny or stuffy nose? Consumption of hot chicken soup is the right choice. Eating chicken soup help overcome congestion and mucus like cough medicine efficacy. Moreover soup containing garlic. Garlic contains allicin which is able to fight bacteria and infection.

4. Tea. Both black and green tea are both very good to be consumed during the rainy season. They both contain L-theanine or amino acids that can dissolve in water to help build protein and your immune system. Should be consumed with no added sugar or milk.

5. Fruit Berri. Various kinds of berries that can be consumed eg blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. All these types of berries contain vitamin C and anthocyanins which help boost the immune system and help fight disease.

There are many other types of food Matches currently Rainy Season which can be consumed as fish, beef, sweet potatoes, mushrooms and other fruits. You should limit instant foods and fast during the rainy season. Or just avoid eating certain foods. The more variety of healthy foods and beverages consumed, the more easily the body met nutrition. So that the immune system is maintained and more resistant than the invasion of the disease-causing even during the rainy season though. and lastly we invite all parties to maintain the cleanliness of the house and through the neighborhood as a precaution against possible diseases caused by dirty environment, a simple example diseases under the mosquito bites, because the mosquitoes really liked the place dirty. protect families from mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, Zika,

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