Gethuk Bananas Traditional Food From Kediri

Food is one of the traditional foods gethuk very distinctive types of Kediri, East Java. His name is Gethuk Bananas. Gethuk Banana is a kind of traditional food gethuk made from basic materials bananas. Gethuk this one is different with gethuk on umumnnya, both in terms of ingredients, presentation and rasanya.Gethuk Bananas are one of the typical food of the town of Kediri, East Java. That said, Gethuk This banana is a traditional food that has existed since time immemorial and inherited from generation to generation by the people there. Now in addition to be a typical snack, Gethuk Banana is also used as souvenirs for visitors or tourists who come to the town of Kediri. Resep Membuat Sega Ayam Khas Semarang

Gethuk privilege Banana

This banana Gethuk not like gethuk generally made of cassava or yams, as Gethuk Banana is made from bananas. Bananas used was a special kind of bananas, so it has a distinctive taste. In addition Gethuk Bananas are also wrapped with banana leaves as lemper, thus producing a very distinctive aroma.

Gethuk processing Pisang

Bananas Gethuk is made of a special kind, namely the basic banana king jackfruit banana types. Plantain jackfruit has a distinctive aroma and flavor, besides the texture is also suitable to be gethuk. Bananas Gethuk processing is quite simple. The first banana peeled and mashed by means of ground up to be like dough. Then add sugar in the dough as a sweetener. For there is also a flavor enhancer that adds a little sugar and vanilla in the dough. The batter and stir until blended. Then put on a banana leaf and then wrapped in a manner rolled and pinned with a stick in order not to loose. And the latter, who had wrapped the dough so that the dough hardens and steamed banana leaf aroma feels.

Taste Gethuk Bananas

Gethuk This banana has a very distinctive taste. A blend of sweet and sour taste is very typical of banana gives a taste of its own at this Banana Gethuk. Besides aroma of banana and banana leaf is felt that provide sensation when we eat them. Gethuk is very suitable Banana snack while hanging out with family or friends. In addition to it’s unique, Gethuk Banana is also healthy to eat because the material is very natural and without preservatives.

Culinary place Gethuk Bananas

Gethuk This banana is a traditional food that is quite well known in Kediri, East Java. There, food is very easy to find, because many vendors selling food, both in the market, stalls, as well as a gift shop. For those of you who visit the town of Kediri, certainly feels incomplete if not bring home a typical meal of this one. Under normal conditions Gethuk Bananas can last up to 2 days, because it does not use preservatives. But if you keep it in the refrigerator, it can last up to 5 days. Resep Membuat Sate Sapi Ungaran Khas Semarang

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