How do I know the symptoms and the causes of hernias Down Berok

herniasCommon symptoms of hernia hernia
How do I know the symptoms and the causes of hernias Down Berok
Disease Hernia medically can be interpreted by the displacement of organs from one room to another hernia can occur in the navel, the brain, but it is most often in the groin in the form of a lump intermittent, in which lay people usually call hernia, and around organs digestion. Hernia or hernia commonly suffered by men, but there were also some women who experience it. This hernia disease irrespective of age with this hernia of any age can affect anyone from infants, children, adults, to the elderly can suffer from this disease.

Causes of hernia or Down Berok

Causes of hernia itself is very much among them is the pressure within the body cavity which is great. For example, because someone constantly straining due to constipation chronic, heavy lifting, chronic fatigue, while pregnant women and childbirth, experienced coughing continuously, lung disease, obesity, decreased physical condition, a buildup of fluid was normal in abdominal cavity (ascites), and others.

How to know the symptoms of a hernia Down Berok

And to know the early symptoms of hernia is also very important, so that even though the disease has been diagnosed, you can immediately jump to effective treatment and can be more quickly resolved this hernia problem. To know the symptoms of hernia, here we have described one by one:
– Raised bumps in the groin or abdominal area, this bump will increase in size when standing or abdominal pressure increases.
– Incurred pain that always comes accompanied by symptoms of indigestion.
– Sometimes it appears the pain is accompanied by fever.
-Timbul Pain in the lower abdominal area, pain or pain will be felt when there is pressure in the abdomen like coughing, straining or lifting heavy loads.
– In some cases raised bumps without being accompanied by pain which if left unchecked can make a hernia into the scrotum.
– If the intestines are already trapped or wedged in the long term can damage characterized by nausea and vomiting.

A hernia is a disease that is dangerous because if it is severe can lead to difficult to walk, the man himself to have (sorry) testicles enlarged genitalia. So by knowing the symptoms of hernia is of course you can be overcome and can be addressed. You can consult a specialist in internal medicine or alternative treatment come into place around your home.

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