How to choose an engagement ring?

The engagement ring, essentially, is a promise. For those who still believe in it, at least. The marriage proposal is made with what is a symbol, but also a jewel, a very personal gift and, ça va sans dire, something not so easy to choose.

To write this guide we have enlisted the help of two women, Silvia Damiani and Raffaella Banchero, Chief Executive Officer of Tiffany & co. Italy, representatives of two of the most important in terms of engagement rings: a, Damiani, an Italian and an international one, Tiffany & co. what has emerged is a vademecum to disentangle the tradition and pitfalls when it comes to diamonds and surroundings. In the gallery, however, you’ll find some ideas, super deluxe or low cost, to “support” the fateful proposal.

What are the golden rules to choose the engagement ring?
Silvia Damiani-‘ the ring, for those who believe, is what seals a promise that you would like for life. If there is a fundamental imperative is to buy something of value. According to their economic capacity, but without sacrificing certain features of excellence. Very important is to issue a certificate concerning the stone that you buy»

Raffaella Banchero-«an engagement ring is the universal symbol of commitment and true love and must be forever, the first rule is no doubt choose the quality. Tiffany & co. also buy only stones that are not in any way involved with conflict diamonds, diamonds that come from war zones and sold illegally to fund insurgencies or military activities. ”

Engagement ring means only Solitaire?
SD-“of course not, the diamond, however, has a very special meaning already starting from the etymology of the word, which comes from the Greek word adamas (αδαμας) which means unconquerable, invincible. The gem is harder and more durable, is a symbol of something that lasts over time. Besides being a beautiful stone and indestructible I prefer also to the meaning: it is a symbol of eternal promise, we know that we are not, but that is a little piece of eternity that we carry. Is a way to believe that at least the feelings can take more of our time on Earth. ”

RB-“means mainly solitary, but not only. A very nice pattern, for example, is that with three stones. Mr. Charles Lewis Tiffany was, in addition to the founder of the maison, a very romantic man, it was he who created the American tradition of marriage proposal accompanied by a diamond ring. Since then and for 10 generations men lovers have observed this tradition and, they say, every woman look your own engagement ring more than a million times in the course of life “.

What other stones are generally used?
SD-“there are people who prefer other gems, it is now highly rated Sapphire, as Lady Diana’s ring, which is now on Kate Middleton’s finger. It is a gem among those to be used for the engagement, which in my opinion must necessarily contemplate. A stone is something that will always remain as a testimony of the promise we made. Of course, each story has its own path and it really depends on personal tastes boyfriends involved: If one goes crazy for Emerald probably will be glad to know that her boyfriend chose something in line with what she likes. ”

RB-“choose a colored stone engagement ring is a wonderful and unusual way to make it stand out the most. We have rings on which are mounted beautiful yellow diamonds or sapphires or aquamarine. In particular the yellow diamonds are an extraordinary rarity: those used by Tiffany & co. come from Australian mine Gem Diamonds ‘ Ellendale, where production is used in exclusive».

The engagement ring may not even contemplate a stone?
SD – «is a tradition so rich and beautiful, is there a reason not to keep it? ”

RB-‘ normally no. Models in yellow gold or rose without stone, however beautiful and modern, are rarely chosen as engagement rings».

What to do if you have a limited budget? There is a “minimum” number of carats?
SD – “what you should never do is compromising quality: it is better to rather focus on a smaller size, but you can not save the goodness of the stone. For this it is important to choose a brand that ensures minimum quality standards pretty high. There are people who, to save something, prefer a real by diamantini instead of the single stone ring. An engagement ring, to be recognizable as such, should mount a at least 0.30 carat stone: the minimum spend for a gem of its kind, is around 1500 –

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