Meatballs Bakwan Foods from Malang

The food is a food dish meatballs is very typical of Malang, East Java. His name is Bakwan Meatballs. Bakwan meatballs is a kind of traditional food preparations meatballs typical of Malang, East Java. This one is different with meatball meatballs in general, both of flavor sauce until the contents are more compact so that it has its own characteristics. Bakwan meatballs is one of the specialties are well known in Malang, East Java. Besides in Malang, these foods also are scattered in other parts of Indonesia and are often sold by the vendor as meatballs or Bakwan Malang Malang. Resep Membuat Sate Sapi Ungaran Khas Semarang

Privileged Meatballs Bakwan

When compared with other food meatballs, meatballs Bakwan have a different stuffing. Bakwan meatballs usually served without noodles, but still feels complete with other fields such as fine meatballs, meatballs veins, fried meatballs, bakwan stew, dumplings, and tofu stew. Besides this Bakwan meatballs, gravy using native beef broth that tasted more savory, fresh and very tempting.

Processing and Presentation of Meatballs Bakwan

For processing fine meatballs, meatballs veins, dumplings and tofu stew usually processed like in general, but different is fried meatballs and bakwan rebusnya. Is prepared from fried meatballs meatballs or dumplings wrapped in dough, then deep-fried. While bakwan rebusnya made from a mixture of meat dumplings wrapped then boiled. Then Bakwan Meatball soup made from beef broth and seasonings specifically so that the aroma is very tempting.

Meatball Bakwan presentation is quite simple. First, the stuffing had been placed in a bowl and add the fried onions and sliced ??green onion and then doused with a sauce. For fried meatballs are usually cut first, so it is easy to eat. Meatball Bakwan contents are usually presented in accordance with the request of the buyer.

Taste of Meatballs Bakwan

Bakwan meatballs has a very distinctive taste. Besides the contents are complete, Bakwan Meatball soup has a predominantly savory taste with savory broth flavor and aroma very typical. Then blend the dry and wet stuffing meatballs certainly provide sensation when we eat them. Resep Membuat Petis Kangkung Khas Semarang

Culinary place Meatballs Bakwan

Bakwan meatball is a typical food are well known in Malang, East Java. There are very easy to find, usually the food is sold by the vendor or meatball stall on the roadside. Besides in Malang, East Java, Bakwan meatballs has also been spread across several regions in Indonesia, so we do not have to go far to Malang to enjoy one’s food. But if you berkujung to Malang, necessarily incomplete when not enjoying the taste of the original of this Bakwan Meatballs.

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