Only With Guava Fruit Can Overcome All Kinds of Skin Problems Why!


Guava fruit was very fresh and good for your health needs of ladies know that guava leaves are rich in antioxidants that are good for your skin. All sorts of skin problems can be overcome with this leaf. Consider the benefits as has been reported by just here ya Ladies.

1. Blackheads
You can use this guava leaves as a facial scrub. These leaves will remove stubborn blackheads in areas difficult to reach. Quite easy, just mashed guava leaves and rub on the face as a scrub then rinse as usual.
2. Acne
The most annoying problem is acne and this can be overcome by guava leaves. It contains an antiseptic that can eliminate the bacteria on the skin and reduce acne and dark spots on the face.
3. Wrinkles
Boil guava leaves and use this solution on your face. Guava leaves it also has benefits to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles on the face. It contains antioxidants that are good for your skin beauty.
4. Itching Itching
If you experience skin allergies and itching, try to use this guava leaf Ladies. Apply only the itchy area with guava leaf which has been pounded. Itching and allergies will soon disappear.
5. Hair Loss
It turns guava leaves are also very useful for hair beauty. Boil just a few pieces of guava leaves to a boil and let cool. Massage your scalp with this fluid. Use every day and feel the change.
Good luck and feel beautiful benefits of using guava leaves is yes Ladies.

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