Tempe chips Foods of Ngawi

Food This one is kind of chipping is very typical of Ngawi, East Java. His name is Chip Tempe. Chips Tempe is a traditional food kind of chips made from soybean. Unlike the kind of chips in general are a lot made of cassava or potato chips made from raw materials Tempe tempe soy so it has a very distinctive taste. Tempe chips is one of the specialties are quite famous Indonesia, one of which is the area of ??Ngawi, East Java, which makes chips Tempe is a typical food there. Resep Membuat Petis Kangkung Khas Semarang

Privileged Tempe Chips

Tempe chips have a shape that is very thin, resulting in a texture that is soft and very crisp. In addition, because the basic material is soybean meal produces a very distinctive savory flavor. In Indonesia alone, Tempe Chips are usually treated with a variety of flavors and shapes are different, so that each region can have the characteristic of each.

Processing Chips Tempe

Tempe Chips processing is similar to the usual fried tempeh, just slaughtering process is slightly different. The first chips Tempe cut into pieces with a specially tool that is not easily destroyed. After the tempeh slices are dipped into a batter that tasted the delicious seasoning. Then fried dry with moderate oil so that it can be expanded and not easily burn. Tempe chips are usually packed with plastic so that the meeting can last longer crunchy taste.

Taste of Tempe Chips

In Indonesia Tempe Chips are usually treated with varying forms and flavors. But for Tempe Chips in Ngawi area usually has a box shape and very thin so crisp. Besides the flour mixture a little more so savory tempenya very pronounced. Resep Membuat Tauge Goreng Khas Bogor

Culinary Place Tempe Chips

Tempe chips is one of the specialties are well known in derah Ngawi, East Java. Besides consumed as snacks, chips Tempe is also often used as souvenirs for tourists who visit there. One of the industrial centers Tempe Chips in Ngawi is in the village of Sadang, Prandon, Ngawi, East Java. There are many cottage industries that produce food typical of this one. In addition Tempe Chips is also very easy to find the center of souvenirs in Ngawi area.

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