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Sometimes people hesitate to make an open living room that blends with the other room, for fear of disturbing the privacy. However, in a limited area, open concept living room design could be a wise choice in managing the limited area and  door elevation design with amazing look.

Seen psychologically meaning family room serves to strengthen the bond, which can affect the closeness and harmony of family members, said Nazaruddin khuluk, architect and owner of Architectural Bureau Grha Inardya Design.

Why not ?? activities carried out in the house such as watching TV, relaxing, joking ria and others involve almost all family members. Well, in this blog I will provide an overview Example Design Luxury Family Room. What a luxury it ?? luxury means having a wonderful all-round advantages such as versatile, all-round and all-round lovely many others.

Whether you’re planning to redecorate the living room? If yes, of course it would not hurt if you try to design an open living room that adjoined to another room. Here is an example of an open living room decor with a design that lets you still can enjoy each other’s privacy.

The main living room is decorated with traditional furniture and decorative lights that stand out. This room looks bigger with a staircase that connects the room to another room at different heights. The living room is combined with the dining room so it looks more spacious.

Pastel colors can make you look your living room design impressed awesome. Furniture and carpets neat as creating a sense of relief, although the kitchen and dining room are placed in the same room. Large white door leading to the pool add to the look fantastic views.

The living room in the picture above, looks pretty though united with a dining room, and kitchen. All areas of the room is made comfortable and have enough room to maneuver. The room is impressed neat and sleek.

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